Running Pivots: Four Important Things for a Successful Startup
Ask any successful startup founder to narrate a story of their journey to success, and you are most likely to hear about the decision to pivot at a particular point. Tales about startup success are incomplete without reference to the founders undergoing a pivot one time or another. From Honda to Twitter, every successful startup […] Read more
The Butler Did It
The Case for the Minimum Viable Product Conventional wisdom says the startups should first build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test customers’ reactions. The MVP is a barebones version of the actual product the startup intends to sell. Unlike the genuine product on the shelves (or in the app store), the MVP would provide […] Read more
Getting the Right Features Right Early On
In the previous episode, “Going From Good To Great – Ideas That Your Investors Will Love“, we’ve talked about the risk of focusing on the wrong features after the prototype is successfully tested. It is now time to learn to get the right features right early on. One of the most instructive examples of how […] Read more
right features
What are the stages and series of funding?
In our previous article, we talked about what investors do to minimize the chances of an unsuccessful venture. In today’s piece, we’ll be looking to go further in-depth on the more technical side of things, analyzing each phase of the funding process to better understand what each one entails. Pre-Seed Funding Pre-Seed Funding, also known […] Read more
There actually is “Fun” in “Funding”
Often, people confuse startups with small businesses. However, one crucial aspect to remember when differentiating the two is that startups aim to bring significant change to the world we live in. They are constructed with one main idea in mind: to become big and impactful. For our startup to get there, there are a few […] Read more
How does the funding landscape look like in Romania
How it started – a historical brief When looking to gauge the Romanian investment, funding, and start-up environment, you’ll find that the country has only experienced real, genuine growth in the past two years. After the fall of communism over three decades ago, the country experienced a lukewarm economic development process at best. Around 1995, […] Read more
romania funding
Going From Good To Great – Ideas That Your Investors Will Love
Our team has come up with this fantastic idea. Even better, we know how to both build and sell it. The catch? In order to actually build it, we need more money than we currently have. In addition to this, we will need more money to set up the business, which would sell, deliver, and […] Read more

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