Event Description

CyberSecurity 4 Journalists Online Threats, Challenges, and Solutions
Alexandra Stefanescu, expert Code4Romania
Andrada Fiscutean, journalist
Bogdan Picerea, Ernst & Young
Alin Mechenici, Chenist
Dan Demeter, Kaspersky
Adrian Ifrim, Deloitte
Aurelian Mihai, Information Security Analyst, DIGI | RCS & RDS
Mihai Rotariu, Communication Lead at Directoratul Național de Securitate Cibernetică
  • Crash course on cybersecurity
  • How to present the subject in the media
  • Tools for journalists to protect themselves
  • Social media threats
  • Social media challenges
  • How to protect yourself in the digital world
Part 1 – 19 nov 2021, 10:00 – 13:00
Part 2 – 26 nov 2021, 10:00 – 13:00
19 nov 2021, 15.00-15:45

Andrada Fiscutean
Andrada Fișcutean is a technology journalist. She has published numerous articles in Ars Technica, Motherboard, Nature, CSO Online, and ZDNet. Moreover, she is the Chief Editor at Radio ProFM. Passionate about the history of technology in Eastern Europe, Andrada enjoys collecting personal computers produced in the ‘80s, like CIP, HC, or Cobra.

Alexandra Stefanescu
Alexandra is CTO for Code for Romania, a civic tech association. Its mission is to solve different problems from society through technology. Code for Romania, using open source codes, is launching various applications for tackling the effects of COVID-19 pandemy as Stiri oficiale (official news), Date la zi (Updated Data), Ce trebuie sa fac (What do I need to do). Alexandra works for building an open community of professionals, a learning space and sustained effort for upgrading Romania.

Bogdan Picerea

An experienced professional in information security and data protection, Bogdan has been a core team member in the Ernst & Young consulting department team for eight years.

During Cyberhack 2021, he will showcase a Business E-mail Compromise case, whereby an intruder has hacked into a client’s systems by exploiting the network they shared with a business partner.

Alin Mechenici
Alin Mechenici is the founder of CHENIST, a proactive cybersecurity company that he started in Sweden. He loves building solutions, secure platforms, strong teams and cultures. In the past, Alin bootstrapped 2 NGOs and 3 companies (in two countries) and worked with clients and partners of different sizes (corporations, SMEs, and NGOs). Over the years he developed passion for privacy, cybersecurity and UNIX systems.

Adrian Ifrim
Adrian’s presentation will allow participants to get a deeper understanding of cyber threats in order to prevent, detect, protect and mitigate cyber-attacks targeting them or their organization. By presenting different types of cyber threats, possible misbehaviour and bad habits regarding cyber hygiene and online activity, the presentation will showcase how Red Teaming exercises are performed and what is a Threat Intelligence based Red Teaming Exercise.

Aurelian Mihai

With 12 years of experience in the telecom industry, Aurelian carries out his current professional activity in the Information Security Department within the DIGI Group.

Always on the offensive, Aurelian aims to revitalize the company’s communication on cybersecurity issues and spearhead several thematic projects for its employees.

Through studies, research, and first-hand experience, he has acquired a formidable skill set regarding the prevention and effective management of cyber risks.

Aurelian holds several certifications, such as Internal Security Assessor (ISA) from the PCI Security Standards Council, CompTIA Security+ graduate from CompTIA, ISO 27001 ISMS Auditor, and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Implementer from TUV Austria Romania.

Mihai Rotariu
Mihai Rotariu is Head of the Public Communication Department within the National Directorate of Cyber Security