Event Description

During the 3-day event, students preparing for a career in communications and PR will attempt to create awareness related to important subjects related to cybersecurity.

They will create a campaign for the general public related to 3 important themes:

  • ransomware (”I blackmail you because I have access to your data”)
  • social engineering (”Give me the password to tell you who you are!”) 
  • taking over the PC/phone (”I can take control over your PC/phone”)

The teams enrolled in this competition will work together with experts and mentors from the field of communications. They will present to the jury a fully integrated campaign that raises awareness to one of the proposed topics.

At the end of the cyberchallenge, the winner will receive a diploma, and if they wish to turn their knowledge and expertise into a business, in either the cyber security or digital communications fields, they can enter the acceleration process supported by Startup Foundry.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes for this activity will also award winners one full-year license of Kaspersky’s flagship product – the Kaspersky Internet Security for Home Users.



Alin Mechenici
Alin Mechenici is the founder of CHENIST, a proactive cybersecurity company that he started in Sweden. He loves building solutions, secure platforms, strong teams and cultures. In the past, Alin bootstrapped 2 NGOs and 3 companies (in two countries) and worked with clients and partners of different sizes (corporations, SMEs, and NGOs). Over the years he developed passion for privacy, cybersecurity and UNIX systems.

Bogdan Oprea

Bogdan Oprea has a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and is a specialist in Public Administration Communication.

He has held positions at a very high level, both in Romania (as spokesman for the President of Romania and head of the Department of Public Communication of the Presidential Administration, spokesman of Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, and spokesman of Ministry of Health, among others), as well as at the European Union level (EU counselor for Communication and Visibility within the State Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, among others).

Bogdan has developed and implemented communication strategies for several public institutions and organizations. Since 2007, he has been a teacher at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences within the University of Bucharest.

At the start of his career, he has worked as a journalist and held editorial positions from editor and reporter to chief of department, deputy editor-in-chief and editorial director in several media including “Evenimentul zilei”, “Adevărul de seară”, NewsIn, Prima TV) for 12 years, and has launched and coordinated several editorial and administrative network dailies and monthly niche magazines.

Moreover, he is the author of a very successful paper titled “Fake news and misinformation online: recognize and verify. Handbook for all internet users ”(2021, Polirom Publishing House, Iași), and is actively involved in several volunteer autochthon projects, as well as a few international humanitarian missions.

Dan Cristfaluci

Dan has more then 29 years of experience in Energy sector more ten 10 in executive positions, covering from Production, Distribution and Energy Sale. He has extensive experience in cloud migration projects.He also worked in big4 consultancy companies, delivering strategic projects for the government.

He is an innovator, highly skilled in IIoT, SCADA, energy specific data mining, voice processing, handwriting processing and processes mining and transformation using AI.

Maryo Fiscutean

Maryo runs his own business in cybersecurity and business continuity. He has more than 15 years of experience in managing IT medical projects, both nationally and internationally. He attended management courses at Open University and is PRINCE2 certified. He is actively involved in promoting the concepts of interoperability and cybersecurity in his field of activity.

Ovidiu Ariton

Ovidiu is an experienced professional, with over 20 years of experience within the IT field. A mathematics, tech, and art enthusiast who is at the peak of his career. A fervent entrepreneur, eager to share his knowledge and help those at the start of their business journey pursue and fulfill their goals. He started out as a developer but quickly moved on to specializing in enterprise architecture, IT leadership, and training/coaching. He also worked as a Cyber Security expert, trainer, and an external consultant for a series of major clients, being involved in over 50 large-scale IT projects within various industries, such as finance (payments industry, stock exchange), banking, corporate management (ERP, document management), defense, Research & Development, and E-Commerce.

He is proficient in Agile Frameworks, Could Computing, SaaS, Blockchain, smart contracts technologies, exploratory utility robot technologies, and collaborative flying Quatro copters.
He is passionate about crafting great, innovative products, learning about new specializations, and building high-performing teams. Ovidiu is a great mentor, with a broad perspective over the IT industry, which makes him a sharp assessor and visionary.

Stefan Szabo

Ștefan boasts 18 years of experience in the telecom field and currently coordinates the activity of the Information Security Department within the DIGI Group. In addition to this, he is an ECSA – Certified Security Analyst.

Having graduated from the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești, the Department of Applied Electronics for Telecommunications, Ștefan came into the professional scene with a dream: to combat misinformation among employees, to implement solid cyber security practices, and to provide coverage for network security.
He considers that a secure landscape implies a consolidated level of cyber resilience; however, this aspect depends on the support of employees and customers who do not fall for online scams & con tricks.