Our first responsibility is to the entrepreneurs who join our accelerator. We provide a nurturing environment that helps them grow their ideas into global businesses.

When a team of engineers comes up with a new product, we’re there to help them through our Startup Foundry Entrepreneurship Rapid Acceleration program or SFERA.

If one or more experienced businesspersons see an opportunity that can be best addressed through technology, but they need the right engineer for the job, we can partner them up through our Startup Foundry Innovation Network Exchange or SFINX.

Going From Good To Great
Ideas That Your Investors Will Love
Our team has come up with this great idea. Even better, we know how to both build and sell it. The catch? In order to actually build it, we need more money than we currently have. In addition to this, we will need more money to set up the business which would sell, deliver, and service it until we break even.
Since that’s a great idea and we have a great team committed to making it happen, finding funding should be easy, right?…

Our team

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